• Take your PERT capsules as soon as you start eating your meal/snack.

  • If you eat quickly, you can take the full dose at the beginning of the meal.

  • If you are a slow eater, you can spread PERT throughout the meal (e.g., if my dose is 2 Creon® 25 capsules, I can take 1 at the beginning of my meal and 1 in the middle).

  • Do not take PERT if you skip a meal, or if you are eating a snack that contains no fat – for example:

    • Fruit (except avocado) and fruit juice

    • Sugary drinks (soft drinks, fruit punch/beverage, sports drinks, iced tea)

    • Black tea or coffee

    • Candy (lollipops, jujubes, jellybeans, gum, mints)

    • Popsicles/icicles

  • Your symptoms will tell you if you are taking enough PERT. If you are taking your recommended PERT dosage, and still experience the following symptoms, talk to your healthcare team:

    • Weight loss

    • Diarrhea

    • Gas/bloating/cramping

    • Pale/yellow stool

    • Oily stool

  • If you find the capsules difficult to swallow, you can open the capsules and sprinkle the microspheres on a room temperature, acidic food, like applesauce. Opening and swallowing PERT without an acidic food can cause irritation inside your mouth. Talk to your healthcare team if you are having trouble swallowing the capsules.


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